How often have we pet parents been berated by a concerned party about how we spoil our dogs with too many toys. Well, what many don’t understand is that toys for our dogs are not just a luxury item but a necessity. More and more experts say that different kinds of toys are important for a healthy lifestyle of a dog. Toys keep them distracted and stimulated and in turn provide them with an overall healthy lifestyle.

Now, of course, different dogs have different needs and some of the bigger dogs are extremely heavy chewers and tend to destroy a lot of toys in no time. This can even be dangerous for them as the smaller part of a toy may get lodged in their throats. That is why it is important to select toys very carefully.

The most essential and almost cliched toy that every four-legged fur baby should have is a ball to play fetch. It is easy to get a tennis ball but heavy chewers, if left alone with a tennis ball, can tear it apart in minutes. Firstly, that is dangerous, and surprisingly, chomping on a tennis ball is not the best for a dog’s teeth. Instead, it is best to go for something like the Goofy Tails Monster Treat Dispensing Toy. It has multiple purposes. Firstly, it acts as a ball, it is made with non-toxic one of a kind material that is almost indestructible.  It floats in water and even glows in the dark.

The best thing that I like about this is that not only is it a ball, it is actually a treat-dispensing toy. So, it is a puzzle for your dog which helps him use his grey matter as he looks for his treat. Safe to say, it is a must-have especially because all the chewing also promotes good dental health and is gentle on the teeth. Choosing the right toy is tougher for our heavy chewers. 

A chew toy needs good vetting and I have found that the Butcher’s bone is great for heavy chewers because it is made from natural wood and high-quality nylon which doesn’t splinter even after the best chewing an aggressive dog can do.

It also has different flavours, which are natural, to keep your doggo interested for hours but without gaining any extra calories.

Plush/Fabric Dog Toys

Plush and fabric toys are great low-resistance chew toys. They are not recommended for highly aggressive chewers because of the stuffing and small pieces that may be torn off and swallowed. If your dog is destroying all of its plush toys, try denim for a more durable alternative.

Toys not only offer dogs exercise and interaction, but they also offer a variety of dental benefits. Toys spend a lot of time in your dog’s mouth.., so you should be sure to find something that your dog will love and a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

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