ISO 9001:2015   &   ISO 14001:2015 

Crystal Enterprises is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of dog chews, dog treats and dog accessories like dog collar, dog harness and other accessories and cat products like cat food, cat treats, cat collar, cat harness and other cat accessories, having our manufacturing units in Kanpur, India. Crystal Enterprises holds a leading position amongst the dog chew manufacturers Kanpur and among the dog chew suppliers India.

In the leather industry, Crystal Enterprises is a leather belt manufacturer and exporter in India, renowned for its durable leather belts manufactured from high quality leather sourced from our own tannery GT Exports. Being a high quality leather belts manufacturer and having a customer satisfaction centric approach makes us stand out from our competitors.

Crystal Enterprises is a young and fast paced growth oriented leather & pet products manufacturing, trading and exporting company situated in Kanpur, India. Being a reliable dog chew manufacturer we gained a strong client base. Our diverse Pet Products ranges from pet foods like rawhide dog chews, dog food, dog munchie  treats to pet accessories like dog collar, dog harness, cat collar, cat harness etc.  Apart from these if our client asks us to supply a different or unique product, we are always ready to work on those orders.

Crystal Enterprises is a sub-company of a renowned leather manufacturer GT Exports situated in Kanpur, India. GT Exports is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified tannery, leather & leather products manufacturing company having prominent reputation in the leather industry, and is operational since 30+ years. We offer various varieties of finished leather like safety shoe leather, bag leather, belt leather, upholstery leather and leather products like- leather belts, leather safety shoe uppers, leather bags.

Our Services


We Crystal enterprises provide OEM service to our clients on all types of products, be it pet foods or pet accessories, by attaching all the labels, and packing the product in labeled packets and cartons or be it attaching logos on the leather products, as per the clients requirement.

New Product Development

We Crystal Enterprises have inhouse  Research & Development facilities and team having rich knowledge, expertise and industry connections. Making us  better at developing new varieties of leather & pet products and making sustainable alterations to the existing ones, as per the clients requirement. 

Product Manufacturing

We Crystal Enterprises manufacture various varieties of leather & pet products, and of these products pass through strict quality control inspections at our faculty before being packed & shipped. Having inhouse quality control inspectors and research & development team, gives us an edge over others to make our product development and manufacturing process more sustainable.    

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